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At IDS, we are focused on deploying innovative delivery models and proven quality processes to drive cost-effective solutions for the service industry. From information sharing to managing online transactions, you require applications that are constantly available. The applications in your organisation need to be monitored and maintained to perform at their peak capacity and avoid any downtimes while enabling you to take split second decisions in your business.

Realising the importance of streamlining these complex applications, IDS deploys best practices in application maintenance through proven tools and processes. Outsourcing the complete or specific application maintenance functions to us provides you the benefit of cost savings and maximising return on investment (ROI). We ensure your investment in IT applications is safe and aligns perfectly with your business processes through all the transitions that constantly occur. This is proven by our competency in improving productivity year-on-year across projects we have executed.

IDS creates business value through application maintenance services that drive performance leading to increased productivity for your business. Our services have been classified into four categories.

Routine services :
We deploy these services to rectify, minimise or prevent defects in the supported software from being available and performing in controlled environments.
The offerings under this service are as follows:
Corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, adaptive maintenance, perfective maintenance, data management and security, helpdesk operations, configuration management, capacity management, release management, pre-release verification, incident and problem management, change management, service continuity management, availability management, service request management

Project services :
This includes delivering enhancements that are to be made to your software and to undertake developments on the existing software.
  • Application enhancement, application development
Common services :
IDS also offers relationship management, subcontractor management, engagement management and general management to ensure that our services are delivered in accordance with requirements.
  • Management services, service level management, security management, testing, compliance management
These services are offered for ensuring a comprehensive record of all of the data gathered, as well as to establish policies, institutionalise practices and conduct training for your staff members.

Knowledge management, standards and methodologies management, training
Our application maintenance services are targeted to deliver scalable and flexible benefits that help you grow with predictable costs and high efficiency. The following business objectives are achieved through our services:
  • Alignment of solutions with business requirements
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Reduced overall IT costs
  • Improved overall application maintenance efficiency
  • Improved overall quality of services provided by the application
Improved overall quality of IT service planning :
With over 20 years of experience we have a clear view of the processes and operations involved in transforming your business, regardless of the domain you are in. The following phases are included in our framework as we deliver application maintenance services:

Planning and diagnostics: Through this, we help you choose the right applications and functions to outsource. The analysis considers a number of factors for assessment and results in identification of the applications to outsource and the risk mitigation strategy for the same. This phase also includes planning the offshore/near shore development centre infrastructure, communication, knowledge acquisition, reporting during the steady state phase.

Knowledge acquisition and transition: We have a very robust knowledge acquisition process with defined deliverables and check points which ensure smooth transfer. It results in a parallel performance activity where the IDS team works on simulated cases thus giving you the confidence in the ability to take over your application maintenance.

Steady state: Once the application is taken over for complete support, we implement standard maintenance/development models as prescribed in our leading-edge quality system - VelociQ. The status of work in each of the applications is reported as part of the pre-defined weekly status reports and appropriate communication/escalation is carried as defined in the communication/governance plans. SLAs are continuously monitored and adhered to in this phase.

Transformation: Once the applications are stabilised, the engagement transcends to the continuous improvement phase wherein our expertise in Six Sigma, Factory model optimisation and other productivity improvement tools are leveraged to deliver YoY productivity, enhanced application functionality and increased ease of maintenance.

Technology Partners

"Our Gold Certified Partner designation demonstrates to both prospective and existing clients that our organization has demonstrated the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies. Having such a close working relationship with Microsoft allows us to further enhance the level of service we deliver to our clients."

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