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IDS sets up, manages and supports your entire IT infrastructure covering your hardware, telecom, database management and system support operations. As a product agnostic company, we have the skills and experience to work on best of breed technologies ensuring that your IT resources are always available and running. We manage your infrastructure on an SLA basis and we have the ready resources to plan and implement the entire IT setup for your organisation or a part of it. Through our Global Service Management Centre (GSMCTM) we deliver remote services including remote monitoring and management of entire networks, systems and desktops. We deliver the following infrastructure services:
  • Infrastructure optimisation
  • Infrastructure setup and provisioning on a pay-by-use basis
  • Infrastructure management
Enterprise application services :
Across verticals, we manage and support your legacy applications and address the requirements of developing and maintaining new applications. We have the experience and technology expertise to manage large and complex enterprise application requirements covering functions such as ERP, CRM, SCM, HR management, e-commerce etc. Our enterprise application services deliver scalable, secure and full-featured solutions that integrate critical functions of the organisation while functioning across geographies. The key services include:
  • New application development and management
  • Business applications sustenance
  • Application optimization
These support services are offered for ensuring a comprehensive record of all of the data gathered  and to ensure 24/7 support to your applications  as well as to establish policies, institutionalise practices and conduct training for your staff members.
  • Knowledge management, standards and methodologies management, training
Our application maintenance services are targeted to deliver scalable and flexible benefits that help you grow with predictable costs and high efficiency. The following business objectives are achieved through our services:
  • Alignment of solutions with business requirements
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Reduced overall IT costs
  • Improved overall application maintenance efficiency
  • Improved overall quality of services provided by the application
  • Improved overall quality of IT service planning
With over 20 years of experience we have a clear view of the processes and operations involved in transforming your business, regardless of the domain you are in. The following phases are included in our framework as we deliver application maintenance services:

Planning and diagnostics: Through this, we help you choose the right applications and functions to outsource. The analysis considers a number of factors for assessment and results in identification of the applications to outsource and the risk mitigation strategy for the same. This phase also includes planning the offshore/near shore development centre infrastructure, communication, knowledge acquisition, reporting during the steady state phase.

Knowledge acquisition and transition: We have a very robust knowledge acquisition process with defined deliverables and check points which ensure smooth transfer. It results in a parallel performance activity where the IDS team works on simulated cases thus giving you the confidence in the ability to take over your application maintenance.

Steady state: Once the application is taken over for complete support, we implement standard maintenance/development models as prescribed in our leading-edge quality system - VelociQ. The status of work in each of the applications is reported as part of the pre-defined weekly status reports and appropriate communication/escalation is carried as defined in the communication/governance plans. SLAs are continuously monitored and adhered to in this phase.

Transformation: Once the applications are stabilised, the engagement transcends to the continuous improvement phase wherein our expertise in Six Sigma, Factory model optimisation and other productivity improvement tools are leveraged to deliver yoy productivity, enhanced application functionality and increased ease of maintenance.

Technology Partners

"Our Gold Certified Partner designation demonstrates to both prospective and existing clients that our organization has demonstrated the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies. Having such a close working relationship with Microsoft allows us to further enhance the level of service we deliver to our clients."

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