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In today's dynamic staffing environment, recruitment and staffing cannot do without specialized software applications to handle growing volumes of resumes. Time consuming processes of gathering and sorting resumes, entering the resume details into a system and matching the resume with the vacancies requires a high degree of manual involvement. 40% or more of an average recruiter's time is spent on low-value functions like processing inbound resumes.

Companies need recruitment and staffing solution that can automate manual tasks as much as possible. Technologies and processes can be put in place to manage the increasing flow of resumes and job vacancies, failing which enterprises could severely undermine their operational efficiency and ultimately add to the overall cost per hire.

IDS's Recruiter :
IDS's Recruiter is an end-to-end recruitment automation system, which automates the key processes in the recruitment lifecycle. The Web-based system delivers rich functionality to candidates, clients and recruitment managers, being a single management platform for all their activities.

IDS's Recruiter includes features such as aggregation of resumes (from email, file systems), auto population of candidate profiles from resumes, clients, resumes and job requirements management, search and matching options, user management, applicant tracking, automated response management and report generation.

IDS's Recruiter also outputs candidate data in XML for easy interface with existing applications of an enterprise.

Put IDS's Recruiter to work for you:

IDS's Recruiter Consultant Edition : IDS's Recruiter Consultant Edition is a recruitment automation solution that automates the key tasks in the recruitment lifecycle. The Web-based system delivers rich functionality to candidates, clients and recruitment managers. The product has customizable workflows for permanent placement and temp staffing business lines. The product is a great fit regardless of the size of the company and the domain (IT, ITES, Telecom, BFSI, Engineering, Manufacturing, Process, Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, etc).

IDS's Recruiter Corporate Edition : IDS's Recruiter Corporate Edition is a human capital management system that delivers rich functionality to HR managers, department heads, employees, vendors & candidates. Our existing customers have seen tremendous value, performance, and service along with acquiring top talent to drive their business.

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