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Designed by physicians, IDS's EMR software solutions are developed with the ease of use and the power required to meet the complex challenges of automation in healthcare practices. IDS integrated suites of EMR software solutions are intuitive, easy to learn and flexible enough to meet the specific needs of many clinicians in all medical specialties. IDS Record is a complete medical office automation solution that includes an advanced electronic medical record (EMR) system. IDS Record is built around a numerically codified, point-of-care, medical terminology to provide unparalleled quality of patient care, increased efficiency and a unique return on investment. This is how IDS Record can help your practice:

IDS's EMR products produce fully structured data that is fully codified with the MEDCIN Point-of-Care terminology and cross mapped to other industry standard reference terminologies such as SNOMED, CPT, ICD9, NCPDP and LOINC.

IDS EMR products provide the tools necessary to :

  • Capture detailed clinical information in patient charts
  • Provide decision support tools for improved safety and patient care
  • Minimize the effort to manage disease and chronic conditions
  • Streamline the practice workflow to improve efficiency and minimize costs
  • Produce accurate billing charges, well edited claims and improved payment cycles
  • Provide a modern platform to communicate with patients and other providers and to integrate with various healthcare information systems
  • Provide the foundation for enhanced security, privacy and regulatory compliance
  • Provide the capability to document lab orders and results as well as send and receive this information electronically with labs
  • Provide the means to order and send prescriptions electronically with up to date formulary information.

Reduces Costs And Expenses :
  • Reduces transcription costs.
  • Eliminates coding costs.
  • Reduces clerical staff costs.
  • Eliminates chart access and filing costs.
  • Reduces paper storage costs.
  • Eliminates data analysis and mining costs.

Increases Revenues :
  • Allows optimization of all clinical staff.
  • Facilitates accelerated patient flow through faster documentation and prompt access to clinical data.
  • Provides automatic and accurate coding at the end of each encounter.
  • Helps coding optimization and improves charge capture.
  • Provides improved management of referral and eligibility data.
  • Provides tools to generate additional income from research and clinical trials.

Improves Quality Of Patient Care :
  • Improves the quality of physician notes.
  • Provides fast access and quick review of all patient data.
  • Provides dynamic clinical decision support.
  • Provides disease and specialty specific protocols and templates.
  • Provides dynamic clinical indicators tracking and disease management.
  • Provides alerts, warnings and recalls.
  • Allows integration of best practice or academy guidelines.

Reduces Risks :
  • Produces complete, high quality and fine granularity chart data.
  • Ensures coding compliance and reduces audit risks.
  • Provides sophisticated security and controlled access to patient data.
  • Improves HIPAA compliance.
  • Provides automatic clinical alerts and drug interactions.

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"Our Gold Certified Partner designation demonstrates to both prospective and existing clients that our organization has demonstrated the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies. Having such a close working relationship with Microsoft allows us to further enhance the level of service we deliver to our clients."

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