In today's world where IT infrastructure plays a key role in determining the success of your business organisation, IDS helps you derive maximum value from your IT investments. We offer our clients the full array of IT lifecycle services. From technology optimisation to mitigating risks, there is a constant demand to evaluate, deploy and manage flexible, responsive and economical solutions. Outsourcing non-core operations can help you transform your business into a leaner and smarter organisation with greater adaptability to changing economic and business trends.

In a maturing outsourcing market where both clients and vendors are becoming increasingly adept at understanding the fundamentals needed to develop a lasting relationship, IDS offers you a partnership that goes beyond merely providing a solution. Spurred on by the goal of creating new business processes and innovative models to help our customers gain new levels of efficiency, differentiation, and flexibility, IDS offers you Total Outsourcing Services (TOS).

This powerful service offering ensures dynamic solutions that offer total process visibility resulting in pre-emptive solving of problems or issues even before they can manifest and affect your business performance. Our solutions eschew the immature model of offering ad hoc solutions that dwell on pricing, labour arbitrage and granular level contracts within tower groups to solutions that tend towards being a strategic corporate initiative. This ensures delivery of results against service levels, larger scope relationships that enable service providers to respond quickly and flexibly and transfer of day-to-day responsibilities.

At IDS we also offer consulting services as part of our advisory expertise across various domains. Our various consulting practices enable you to achieve execution excellence to help drive your business momentum despite challenges arising from globalisation and the dynamics of customer loyalty. Optimising IT resources through our services, we build a strong base to empower your technology operations. This includes identifying pain areas, deploying the right resources to upgrade or solve them, implementing strategic business and IT tools, as well as managing the project lifecycle. All of these are achieved through our focused quality that complies with ISO 9000, Six Sigma, SEI CMM & PCMM level 5 standards and processes. With over two decades of experience IDS has a commanding lead in leveraging critical IT services for clients in India, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

Our services are further backed with strategic partnerships with some of the top global technology corporations - Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, IBM among others. Our service offerings include:
Consulting : Strategic Cost Reduction, Business Transformation, Security Governance, Strategy, E-Governance.
Business Solutions : Enterprise Applications, Solutions for Fast Emerging Businesses, Application Development and Portals, Application Maintenance, Third Party Testing, Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence, Point Solutions.
Professional Services : System Integration, Availability Services, Managed Services.
Total Outsourcing.







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