🌐 15th Milestone event of Bharat Blockchain Yatra IMI, Bhubaneswar, Odisha: Successful wrap up ✨

7:53 pm, Thu, 15 February 24

We’re here to share the resounding success of the 15th Milestone event of Bharat Blockchain Yatra, which unfolded at IMI, Bhubaneswar. Organized by Information Data Systems (IDS), powered by Hedera, and supported by AICTE, APIARY BLOCKCHAIN COE and the MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, GOVERNMENT OF INDIA, this event brought together thought leaders, industry experts, and academia for a day of insightful exploration into the transformative potential of Blockchain technology. The event witnessed 190+ participants coming from industry academia from Odisha Web3.0 Ecosystem.
1. The event commenced with a warm welcome and lamp lighting ceremony for knowledge exchange and innovation. Prof. Ramesh Behl, Director of IMI Bhubaneswar, provided opening remarks, followed by a keynote address from Dr. Aritra Pan, Ph.D. ( āĻ…āĻ°āĻŋāĻ¤ā§āĻ° āĻĒāĻžāĻ¨ ) 🧑đŸģ‍đŸĢ👨đŸģ‍đŸ’ģ, emphasizing the significance of Blockchain in the current landscape.
2. An engaging video display showcased the journey of Bharat Blockchain Yatra, capturing the essence of the ongoing tech tour, which has reached its 15th milestone.
3. Mr. Voruganti Aravind, Global Vice President at Information Data Systems, shared insights into the partnership between IDS and IMI Bhubaneswar. Emphasis was placed on collaborative efforts to promote Blockchain education and exploration and presented “Unveiling the Real Potential: Blockchain’s Journey from Hype to Value Creation” which provided participants with a comprehensive understanding of the evolving narrative of Blockchain technology in India.
4. Expert Talk 1 – Mr. Punit Agarwal (KoinX) on Web3 Disruption: Transforming the FinTech Landscape which provided a deep dive into the transformative impact of Web3 on the FinTech landscape. His talk explored the evolving dynamics of financial technology in the blockchain era.
5. Expert Talk 2 – Mr. Lingraj Mahanand (Credore) on From Paper to Profit: Streamlining Cashflow with Electronic Trade Documents. He shared profound insights into the optimization of cashflow through electronic trade documents. His talk provided practical knowledge on leveraging blockchain for efficient trade finance.
6. Fireside Chat: A highlight of the event was the Fireside Chat, moderated by Mr. Aravind Voruganti. This unique session provided an opportunity for an in-depth conversation with Mr. Lingraj Mahanand, unravelling key insights and fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas which concluded the event.
Stay tuned for future events as we continue to navigate the evolving landscapes of Blockchain and Web3 technologies, changing the narrative from hype to substantial value creation.