Bharat Blockchain Network (BBN)

Bharat Blockchain Network (BBN) is India’s nationwide hybrid Blockchain Network, to enable the Blockchain projects of national interest. This prestigious platform is supported by AICTE and leading Blockchain company, Information Data Systems Inc. (IDS)

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What We Offer

Accelerate time to manage, process and obtain insights and intelligence from your data sources.

Access to Blockchain Training

  • 15 hour Beginner Blockchain self paced course
  • Delivered by Industry practitioners
  • Community access for peer to peer learning

Blockchain Development Ecosystem

  • Access to in-built Blockchain DApps
  • Faculty can attract Blockchain consulting projects
  • Represent teams in Bharat Blockchain Hackathon

Academic Use Cases

  • Storing student credentials
  • Identity verification
  • Intellectual property protection

What you Get?


All their students get access to a 15 hour Beginner Blockchain self paced course designed and delivered by Blockchain practitioners from Industry and also paid courses for advanced Certification.


Students get closed community access for peer to peer learning, networking and mentoring support from Blockchain practitioners.


Students can also grab Internship opportunities listed on the community forum by various Blockchain companies.


They can utilise in-built Blockchain DApps, which were built for Academia like Secure Document storage, Skill badges and Sandbox for R&D.


Their Faculty can attract Blockchain consulting projects from industry as part of their research interest.


Can represent teams in Bharat Blockchain Hackathon, India’s Largest Blockchain competition to identify and seed fund blockchain ideas which can impact the world positively.

Why Choose Us?

IDS is one of the only 27 Hyperledger Certified Service Providers and one of the only 7 Hyperledger Training Partners in the world. BBN is a two tier validator network governed by DAO with members from Academia and Industry. Government bodies, Universities and Startups can explore, experiment with Blockchain use cases and launch their Blockchain projects.

Universities who are willing to be part of this Initiative, are expected to maintain a Blockchain Node(server) within their existing infrastructure/lab and contribute to the computing power of the Network