True Avatar – An Indic version NFT Marketplace

True Avatar is our NFT marketplace with a confluence of Indian mythological gods. Our NFT project has best-in-class features and technical capabilities of speed, scalability and security for users to issue and manage and sell their unique art.

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What We Offer

Accelerate time to manage, process and obtain insights and intelligence from your data sources.

Decentralized Marketplace

  • Eliminate middlemen
  • Earn Resale Royalties
  • Native marketplace token

Secure Transactions

  • Built on Polygon
  • Safe storage on wallet
  • Transparent records on blockchain

Platform for creators

  • Extensive Customer Base
  • Stable and reliable build
  • Create and Feature Collections !

Why Choose Us?

Security that is best in class: We've gone to great lengths to ensure TrueAvatar is India's most secure exchange. To provide a highly secure trading platform, we're investing in frequent security examinations.

Lightning Speed Transactions : True Avatar can handle Millions of transactions. Our system infrastructure can scale up in a few seconds to match surging demand.

Design that is both simple and efficient : Trading on the TrueAvatar platform is a lightning-fast experience that you'll adore ! We've built technology that millions of people use, and that knowledge has aided us in creating this tremendous exchange.