Supply Chain


Trust Flow is an interoperable supply chain consortium network. Trustflow is built on Hyperledger Fabric, which is one of the most used enterprise blockchain in the globe. Trustflow exploited Hyperledger Fabric's full potential in Supply Chain Management to deliver the best product in the ever-changing global market.

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Our Features

We at IDS solved the above mentioned business challenges that is present in the global SCM using our flagship product, Trustflow.

Activity module

  • Monitor your organization's activity, including data added, user logins, and pallets shipped.
  • Custom dashboard with supply chain performance metrics as per your choice.

Track and Trace module

  • Trace your organization's products along your supply chains, from manufacturing plant to store, and share data with authorized organizations at saleable unit level, batch or pallet level.

Cold Logistics module

  • Manage your organization's orders through real time status updates, view documents associated with order shared with your organization, and share documents with other organizations like Purchase order, Sales order, Shipping bill, Driver bill and GRN etc. in real time.

Network Explorer module

  • View statistical information about your organization's network usage, transactions, and channels etc., for audit trail and verifiability.

Identity module

  • View and manage your organization's supply chain partners, invite new partners to join blockchain network, view shared data, and streamline the cross organizational work flows and processes to build an end-to-end product traceability

Why Choose Us?

Organizations can digitise physical assets and generate a decentralised immutable record of all transactions, allowing them to trace assets from manufacture through distribution or use by end users, allowing for more transparent and accurate end-to-end tracking in the supply chain. This improved supply chain openness gives firms and customers more visibility. Blockchain can help prevent fraud in high-value items like diamonds and medicinal medications by increasing supply chain transparency.