Blockchain Compliance & Security

Our experts will help you to check, test and audit your smart contracts in the blockchain ecosystem, VAPT on Smart Contracts and testing code in a Sandbox environment. Blockchain removes the labor-intensive work and avoids manual data extraction.

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Our Expertise

We appreciate your trust greatly. Our clients choose us and our services because they know we are the best.

Streamline the process

  • Immutable blockchain ledger
  • Data cannot be modified, amended or deleted
  • Relief from collection, storage and aggregation of information

Cost Savings, Increased Revenue

  • Alleviate the need for extensive manual oversight
  • Detect account takeovers, combat fraud
  • Safely and confidently onboard new customers

Security and privacy

  • Transaction secured by digital signature
  • Ensure data integrity across the network
  • Cement ‘real-world identities’ to ‘cryptographic identities’

Why Choose Us?

We are one amongst the 27 global Hyperledger Certified Service Providers and one among 7 global Hyperledger Certified Training Partners.

IDS Blockchain Services is trusted by organizations across industries and around the world, and we've assisted in the creation of various networks that are generating value and transforming the way businesses collaborate. We've built blockchain for business from the ground up and have produced in-house solutions ranging from Supplychain to NFT marketplace.