18th milestone of Bharat Blockchain Yatra at Roorkee Institute of Technology (RIT)

1:33 pm, Mon, 4 March 24

The 18th milestone of Bharat Blockchain Yatra at Roorkee Institute of Technology (RIT) organised by Information Data Systems (IDS) powrered by Hedera supported by AICTE and APIARY BLOCKCHAIN COE, marked a significant moment in advancing Web3 and Blockchain technologies in India. Held on February 22, 2024, the event brought together over 650 participants, including enthusiasts, experts, and industry leaders from the Uttarakhand ecosystem. This gathering included dynamic discussions and sparked innovations in the ever-evolving Blockchain landscape.
1. The event kicked off with a warm welcome and lamp lighting ceremony, setting a vibrant atmosphere for a day filled with knowledge sharing and innovation led by higher dignitaries.
2. Following the opening remarks, Mr. Nitin Mohan, a faculty member at RIT, delivered the welcome address, setting the tone for insightful discussions and collaborations throughout the day.
3. The event continued with a keynote address by Dr. Parag Jain, Director of RIT, shedding light on the significance of blockchain technology in the current digital landscape, emphasising its potential to drive innovation and transformation.
4. A captivating video presentation showcased the journey of Bharat Blockchain Yatra, capturing the essence of the ongoing tech tour and highlighting its impact on fostering blockchain adoption and education across India.
5. The event further proceeded with a quick brief by Voruganti Aravind, Global Vice President at Information Data Systems (IDS), outlining the strategic partnership between IDS and RIT, aimed at advancing blockchain education and research initiatives.
6. Aravind Voruganti then presented “Unveiling the Real Potential: Blockchain’s Journey from Hype to Value Creation,” offering participants a comprehensive understanding of the evolving narrative and practical applications of Blockchain technology in India.
7. Vinod Kumar, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Cypher Blockchain, delivered an expert talk on “Gaming within the Web3 ecosystem,” providing valuable insights into the intersection of gaming and Blockchain technology.
8. The event featured a fireside chat between Vinod Kumar and Aravind Voruganti, enhancing the conversational dynamics and fostering engaging discussions.
9. The event concluded with closing remarks and a vote of thanks from Mr. Gaurav Chaturvedi, Dean Academics at RIT, expressing gratitude for the contributions and collaborative spirit witnessed throughout the event.
Stay tuned for future events as Bharat Blockchain Yatra continues to navigate the evolving landscapes of Blockchain and Web3 technologies.