21st-milestone-of-bharat-blockchain-yatra-at-chandigarh-university, Punjab

7:13 pm, Thu, 14 March 24
We are here to share the success of 21st event of Bharat Blockchain Yatra at CHANDIGARH UNIVERSITY on March 6, 2024. Organized by Information Data Systems (IDS), powered by Hedera, and supported by AICTE and APIARY BLOCKCHAIN COE, brought together over 350+ participants, comprising distinguished dignitaries, industry leaders, and technology enthusiasts from Punjab Web3 Ecosystem.
1. Commenced with extending a hearty welcome and valuable perspectives on the ever-evolving landscape of Blockchain technology by Dr. Monika Singh, Professor at Chandigarh University and Dr. Manpeet Singh Manna, Vice Chancellor of Chandigarh University
2. A quick brief by Voruganti Aravind, Global Vice President at IDS, further enriched the narrative, providing insights into the collaborative efforts between IDS and Chandigarh University.
3. A riveting presentation by Aravind Voruganti followed, unravelling the real potential of Blockchain. His insights delved into the journey of Blockchain technology, navigating from the initial hype to substantial value creation.
4. Followed by Alekh Johari, Founder of Anemoi Solution throwing lights on staying ahead of the curve with the Metaverse, offering profound insights into the strategies and innovations.
5. Next up Srinivas Buddharaju, a Strategic Consultant at Metasky shared insights on Go To Community (GTC) Strategy: How to Supercharge Marketing with Web3 providing valuable insights into leveraging web3 technologies for supercharging marketing strategies.
6. Following which Samreen Ghauri, Lead Mapping & Research at nasscom, eloquently shared her perspectives on The Blockchain Revolution: Unlocking Opportunities in the Digital Age.
7. The narrative seamlessly transitioned to the future intersection of Blockchain and AI, explored by Lakshay Taneja, Founder of Birthvenue and Bitmind Brief. His insights into the future landscape where Blockchain and AI intersect added another layer of depth to the audience’s understanding.
8. The stage then transformed into a product showcase by Blocktech Brew team on Decentralized Identifiers by Kanwaljeet Singh Nirman, AVP Sales, and Ms. Simran K., Outbound Sales Executive.
9. Event concluded with expressing gratitude for the collaborative efforts and contributions that fueled the success of the 21st event of Bharat Blockchain Yatra at Chandigarh University by Aravind Voruganti