Indian Government’s Initiatives In Blockchain

Indian Government’s Initiatives In Blockchain Realising the multitude of applications of blockchain, the Indian government has recognised its potential and taken steps to promote it. Besides the slightly questioning tax implementation on crypto during the union budget. The Indian government has always tended to unique ways of incorporating blockchain into the day-to-day life of citizens.… Continue reading Indian Government’s Initiatives In Blockchain

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Metaverse For Education

Metaverse For Education The invention of Covid-19 confined the world into the four walls of their homes. Within a year, we saw a complete digital transformation in the education sector from conducting exams online to live interactive classes. A unique style of learning and teaching was adapted across the world which no one could have… Continue reading Metaverse For Education

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Blockchain for Educational Regulators

Blockchain for Educational Regulators The Educational sector ought to evolve constantly to stay updated with the latest effective teaching and learning methods. Every decade is a witness to a unique system of imparting education and making it simpler and immersive. From Gurus dictating verses in Gurukul to slate boards to textbooks and finally inception of… Continue reading Blockchain for Educational Regulators

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Adikavinannaya University

Adikavinannaya University Adikavinannaya University is the first cohort that IDS & AURV came together for educational initiatives on Blockchain technology & its potential use cases.


APSSDC: IDS and APSSDC came together for Online Student Training Program on Blockchain.


Task: IDS Inc took an opportunity to collaborate with Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge(TASK), the IT E&C Department, Government of Telangana to deliver a session on Block chain


GBA: Mr Aravind Voruganti (VP) of IDS started heading the Global Supply Chain working group in the GBA forum to improve the planning & managing of all activities involved in source procurement, conversion & all logistics Management activities.

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VITAP: IDS and VIT – AP Collaborated for providing skills and capabilities for VIT – AP Students in blockchain technology by IDS expertise team.


ICEEM: IDS and ICEEM collaborated to enable and educate faculties of ICEEM to understand the applications and potential across various industries in the blockchain landscape.