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Albert Flores

Course description

Blockchain is one of the industry 4.0 emerging technologies disrupting the industries from banking, financial services to supply chain, telecommunications and IT services. To harness the power of blockchain you need to understand the technology, its potential and capabilities to build decentralized applications. Highly practical yet grounded in the latest research, the course is enriched by best practices of blockchain development and extensive use of real-world case studies.

What you’ll learn

  • Master the technologies behind blockchain and the programming concepts.
  • Build smart contracts and chain code for Blockchain application.
  • Understand how to evaluate blockchain and choose the right type of it.
  • See how blockchain technology is harnessed for different industries.
  • Build profile and capture global blockchain developer job opportunities.

Blockchain Essentials (4hrs)


Blockchain-cryptography. Distributed computing & Game theory


Bitcoin-Inner Working.


Public vs private Blockchain.


Blockchain Fit Assessment & Value Framework.

Ethereum (18hrs)


Ethereum Account types & EVM.


Transaction life cycle & gas fee.


Smart Contracts.


Dev tools-Remix IDE, Truffle,Ganache,Web3.js & Metamask.


Layer 2 protocols-Polygon.


Building a Full Stack DApp.


Tokenization-ERC 20.


NFT contracts-ERC 721 & 1155.


DeFi contracts.


Tokenomics-ICO, IDO, IEFO & INO.


Ethereum Hard Fork.

Hyperledger (18 hrs)


Architecture-Channels, CA & Ordering Service.


Application Lifecycle.




Install & Configure Network.


Identity Management-MSP.


Chaincode Development.


Go Programming.


Chain code Installation, Instantiation & Invocation.

Project (8 hrs)

Industry use cases (12 hrs)


Lectures from Industry stalwarts explaining products and blockchain concepts.

Learn from the best

Aravind Voruganti

VICE PRESIDENT – BLOCKCHAIN PRACTICE & PRODUCTS, IDS. IBM Certified Solution Advisor – Blockchain Platform V2. Alumnus of IIIT HYDERABAD & Liverpool Business School, UK.

A Subject Matter Expert and Corporate trainer, with 8+ years of working experience. who trained 1200+ Working Professionals across US & India, 350+ Engineering Faculty and Under Grad & Grad Students in Blockchain for Corporates, Government Upskilling Initiatives by TASK & APSSDC.

Learn from the best

Dayal Mukati

Dayal is an engaging, understanding, and knowledgeable enterprise architect with over 8+ years of experience in software design, development, and training in Blockchain platforms. Certified as a Blockchain Developer and CHFA from the Linux Foundation. Also adept at teaching users a variety of software programs and technologies. Dynamic communicator with excellent presentation skills, able to translate complex concepts into understandable terms using creative teaching methods. Proven track record of preparing employees to produce quality work across a variety of fields.

His previous experience includes working with large volumes of data, algorithms, data mining, distributed systems, and general artificial intelligence. He is passionate about new technology and is particularly intrigued by the potential of blockchain.

Why students love this course

Certified Blockchain Developer course by IDS helped me to build an approach to choose Blockchain as a career with confidence and I could win at World Blockchain Hackathon, with hands’ on knowledge I gained during course.

3rd Year CSE, Shri Vishnu College for Women

We are pleased with the quality of the blockchain course delivered by IDS. The integrated approach of both theory and hands on sessions have taken confidence of our students next level, to shape their career in blockchain field.

Mr.Ravi Gujjula
GM – APSSDC, Government of Andhra Pradesh

IDS trainers are highly knowledgeable and captivated our learners with their exceptional and insightful presentations. Will engage them many more upskilling programs in future.

PM – TASK, Government of Telangana

I did Certified Hyperledger Architect course from IDS and could crack CHFA exam with a practice for one month. The trainer gave mentor support to clarify my queries, which helped me get in to Hyperledger course.


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You will be gaining placement opportunities and recognized certify which will be helping you in your career and most importantly you get access to a peer group of best bockchain engineers.

Yes, we also provide you with the interview preparation in hyperledger career which is under real life project.

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