Meeting with Mr. Chandrasekhar Buddha ji of AICTE at Delhi

7:36 pm, Wed, 31 May 23

We are thrilled to share a remarkable update, meeting with Mr. Chandrasekhar Buddha ji of AICTE at Delhi. At Information Data Systems (IDS), we are driving the future of education through groundbreaking initiatives like Bharat Blockchain Network, Polyversity metaverse and Bharat Blockchain Yatra.

We now have 130+ Universities as academic partners across 15 states and 40+ nodes maintained for BBN, 10,000 plus students developer community and 150+ working as Interns for us and our partner companies.

Collaborating closely with AICTE and with the invaluable support of Mr. Chandrasekhar Buddha ji, we are forging ahead to create an vibrant Web3 ecosystem meant for next generation engineers and GenZ.

We are incredibly excited about the limitless possibilities these initiatives hold. Stay tuned as we continue to share updates on our progress and the impact we are making in shaping a more inclusive and innovative future of education.

Together, let’s make our Bharat as leaders in Global Web3 Ecosystem by 2025.