Create intelligent processes that incorporate AI, data, and analytics.

Supercharge your business with Public, private, and consortium blockchains.

IDS Cloud Services helps our customers build secure, repeatable and scalable cloud environments on the cloud provider of choice.

Power your business with an end-to-end virtual model of a physical product, process or service.

IDS Enables Digital Enterprise

Information Data Systems (IDS) was established in 1996 and is currently headquartered in Michigan, USA. IDS enables enterprises and governments to accelerate adoption of new technologies, untangle complex issues that emerge during digital evolution, and orchestrate ongoing innovation.

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We bring real solutions to each client’s problems through a deep understanding of their market, solution, and vision.


Supply chain powered by blockchain

Trustflow is an inter operable supply chain consortium network. Trustflow supports seamless integration with existing ERP applications and access business data with access controls and privacy.

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Sungei X

Blockchain powered CDBC Platform

With controlled decentralization, our CBDC project has best in class features in service-oriented architecture by making financial institution and central bank participate in the network.

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Blockchain powered NFT Marketplace

Our NFT marketplace is a confluence of Indian mythological gods which we have created in the metaverse.

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Bharat Blockchain Network


We are building the world’s largest academia blockchain network to enable the blockchain projects of national interest.

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Our product DxAnalyte enables AI to its full potential to process large quantum data in a distributed storage process.

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Bharat Blockchain Network (BBN)

Bharat Blockchain Network (BBN) is India’s nationwide hybrid Blockchain Network, to enable the Blockchain projects of national interest. This prestigious platform is supported by AICTE and leading Blockchain company, Information Data Systems Inc. (IDS)

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Announcement 2022-06-30

Press Release - Polyversity Launch : Latestly

Press Release: Latestly - https://www.latestly.com/agency-news/business-news-minister-of-education-dharmendra-pradhan-launches-polyversity-worlds-largest-educational-metaverse-bharat-blockchain-network-3801923.html

Announcement 2022-06-27

Press Release - Polyversity Launch : ANI

Press Release: Ani - https://www.aninews.in/news/business/business/minister-of-education-dharmendra-pradhan-launches-polyversity-worlds-largest-educational-metaverse-amp-bharat-blockchain-network20220608190214/

Uncategorized 2022-06-18

Hyperledger Network

In the Post Ethereum world, the debates on a decentralised yet scalable blockchain software persisted. Hence, to deliver the industry requirements, Hyperledger fabric was developed in 2015 by Linux Foundations. Hyperledger Fabric is an open-source platform for building distributed...

Uncategorized 2022-06-17

Emerging Careers in Blockchain

Since the boom of cryptocurrency trade, the development of blockchain technology has accelerated as it was the safest ledger for the crypto trade. This lead to the inception of a new stream of technology for innovation and exploration and yielded numerous career fields for the enthusiasts of this...

Uncategorized 2022-05-30


Blockchain was established as a means to record ledger accounts for the bitcoin trade that has boomed in recent years. However, since its inception, its transparency and instantaneous records have compelled industry leaders to incorporate them into the functioning of each sector of..

Uncategorized 2022-05-30


Imagine you are in a Time zone gaming arena, where you win tickets for every game you win and score you receive. The dopamine rush of winning tickets pumps you to play more and play better. The concept..

Uncategorized 2022-05-30


As the news headlines worldwide flashed the sale of the NFT of the first tweet by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey auctioning at $2.9 million, NFT became the new buzzword in town..

Uncategorized 2022-05-30

Indian Government’s Initiatives In Blockchain

Realising the multitude of applications of blockchain, Indian government has recognised its potential and taken steps to promote it. Besides the slightly questioning tax implementation on crypto during union budget, Indian government...

Education 2022-05-04

Metaverse For Education

The invent of Covid-19, confined the world into the four walls of their homes. Within a year, we saw a complete digital transformation in the education sector from conducting exams online to live interactive classes. A unique style of learning and teaching was adapted across the world which no one could have fathomed earlier. It helped us realise...

Education 2022-05-02

Blockchain for Educational Regulators

The Educational sector ought to evolve constantly to stay updated with the latest effective teaching and learning methods. Every decade is a witness to a unique system of imparting education and making it simpler and immersive. From Gurus...

Announcement 2022-03-23

MoU between De Montfort University Dubai, (DMU) & IDS

This agreement will foster collaborative efforts to establish Centre of Excellence in Blockchain, offer Joint Executive Program for Blockchain Business Professionals, build the blockchain capabilities in terms of Research & Development and attract consultant projects from Industry.

Announcement 2022-02-14

Adikavinannaya University

Adikavinannaya University is the first cohort that IDS & AURV came together for educational initiatives on Block chain technology & its potential use cases.

Announcement 2022-02-14


IDS and APSSDC came together for Online Student Training Program on Block chain.

Announcement 2022-02-14


IDS Inc took an opportunity to collaborate with Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge(TASK), IT E&C Department, Government of Telangana to deliver a session on Block chain

Recognition 2022-02-14


Mr. Aravind Voruganti(VP) started heading global supply chain working group in GBA forum to improve the planning & managing all activities involved in source procurement, conversion & all logistics mngmt activities.

Announcement 2022-02-14


IDS and VIT - AP Collaborated for providing skills and capabilities for VIT - AP Students in blockchain technology by IDS expertise team.

Announcement 2022-02-14


IDS and ICEEM collaborated to enable and educate faculties of ICEEM to understand the applications and potential across various industries in blockchain landscape

Announcement 2022-02-14

Goa College of Engineering

IDS Collaborated with Goa College of Engineering to organise a master class webinar on Block chain Technology on its Applications, Opportunities and Jobs

Announcement 2022-02-14

Global CBDC Challenge

IDS Collaborated with Garranto to participate in the global challenge held by MAS partnered with IMF & the world bank for retail CDBC. IDS provided them one of the most viable solutions for the project.

Announcement 2022-02-14

Happy Minds

IDS and Happy Minds have collaborated to develop blockchain powered HR Market Place with verifiable professional experience and educational background with one click

Announcement 2022-02-14


Participated in Celebration of AICTE Internship Day & launch of 6.1 Lakh Internship Opportunities

Announcement 2022-02-14


IDS Collaborated with APNRTS for providing skills and capabilities to be a Certified Blockchain Developer

Announcement 2022-02-03


IDS collaborated as a Solution Partner with IT Serve Synergy in Dallas to conduct a grand synergy conference 2021

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